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We will deliver what is missing for 70% of the women and girls in Latin America:

On-demand access to comprehensive, personalized and confidential sexual health education and care.

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is the first comprehensive sexual health education app to provide a safe learning environment with personalized information, supportive community, simple tools and access to expert care for women and girls in Latin America.

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Chava is being developed by The Lily Project, an award-winning women's health NGO in Nicaragua. Since 2016, we have dedicated ourselves to providing community-based sexual health education and cervical cancer prevention services. 


Through our efforts educating thousands of women and girls, we've identified a critical challenge: the high rates of cervical cancer and teenage pregnancy are rooted in a lack of access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education and services. With Chava, we will change this!

with Us!

Thanks to the Friends of Lily we developed and tested the first version of Chava and have Chava V2 in development. With your help we can complete and launch in Central America in 2024. Here's a unique opportunity to deliver a first-to-market solution to an entrenched social problem.

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