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La aliada de tu cuerpo y salud

We deliver what is missing for 70% of the women and girls in Latin America:


On-demand access to comprehensive, personalized and confidential sexual health education and care.


 Source: LAC Platform, UNFPA, 2022.

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What is CHAVA?

CHAVA is the first comprehensive sex education app in Latin America to provide a safe learning environment with personalized information, supportive community, simple tools and access to expert care for anyone who identifies as or has had experiences as a Latin American woman or girl.

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Latin America and the Caribbean have the second highest adolescent birth rate, and the highest rates of gender-based violence in the world. CHAVA addresses both systemic and cultural needs through an engaging ‘everyday’ mobile app.

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Millions of women and girls in Latin America lack decision making power over their bodies and lives.


Growing smartphone usage across all socioeconomic segments.


85% of girls surveyed* want to use apps to manage their health.

Source: UNFPA, UN Women, App Annie, The Lily Project

CHAVA partners with leading Femcare Brands, Local Providers and Community Organizations to ensure all girls in Latin America can become informed and confident advocates for their own sexuality, health, pleasure and power.

The App  

CHAVA is a holistic data-driven solution built on years of working with women and girls in rural Latin America.

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Let's Partner!

With the beta-version of CHAVA in market testing, we are building out our team and raising funds to further develop and launch the app throughout Latin America. Here's a unique opportunity to deliver a first-to-market solution to an entrenched social problem. Let’s work together!

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