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CHAVA addresses both systemic and cultural needs through an engaging ‘everyday’ mobile app.

Market Opportunity

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By 2030, Latin America and the Caribbean is predicted to have the highest rates of adolescent pregnancy worldwide due to entrenched sexual violence, stigma, and inadequate sexual health education or access to contraceptives.

Lancet, Child and Adolescent Health, November, 2022

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Global and regional femcare brands are seeking new channels to reach and create trusted relationships with young, digitally-engaged consumers in LATAM. Chava emerges to address this gap and leverage this opportunity to create mutually-beneficial value. 

E-Banx, Panthera, 2021

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CHAVA builds upon the growing adoption and preference for digital communication and commerce of Gen-Z and Millennial Latinas to offer access to essential sex education and products. CHAVA is data-driven to personalize the experience, provide relevant metrics and placement value to partners, measure program impact and support evidenced-based advocacy.

Target Market

CHAVA fills this gap with the development of an app designed for distinct technology behaviors, low health literacy & culturally relevant health interests of Latinas in both rural and urban communities. 

  • Latin America (Spanish-speaking Countries): 194 Million Females, age 15+

  • Primary: Girls/Young Women (14-25), urban and rural: 33 Million

  • Secondary: Young Women (25+), urban and rural: 161 Million

  • Rural: Greatest Need

  • Urban: Greatest Spending Power

Source:  CELADE - Population Division of ECLAC, 2019

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Regional Focus

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Business Model

CHAVA’s model is designed to ensure millions of women and girls have free access to the information, community and tools necessary to empower their future by creating a strong network of partners who contribute to and benefit from CHAVA’s success. 

There is a significant opportunity to create value in the main market segments:

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  • Facebook
  • Instagram
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